Laboratorio- NY, NY 

Laboratorio is a research based art and design practice founded by Stephanie Molné. Stephanie holds a background in Fine Arts and Architecture having received her education from both the University of San Francisco and Pratt Institute in New York. She was born and raised in Miami and is currently based in New York. 

Throughout the development of the works presented, perception of design and architecture was always informed from both a compositional and curatorial standpoint. Architecture as exhibition, occupant as viewer and director of space. The collection of works at hand focus around these concepts while reorganizing space as highly dependent on the users experiential aspect and less a focus on impersonal rational design formulas.The term developed for this style of design process was rational hedonism

:a process heavily focused on the individual experience and the joy/ pleasure of design achieved on multiple levels of aesthetics and function while maintaining a ground base of rational operations. These operations are achieved via algorithms, equations, or deconstructions of other mediums to a core set of numbers/grids.