Soil, is the birth of cultural identity. The separation and binding of persons. We root ourselves in the land which nurtures us, our cuisine in the nutrients provided to our region, our arts in the colors and forms of the land, dialect and stories of origin in the confines of our environemnt. This native approach was not always the case. Early civilizations thrived on a nomadic culture; not bound to a region but in constant seasonal movement to embrace the changes that come with seasonal
cultivation. Nomadism was and is innate to the human race. The Drift is an approach to reconcile our relationship with motion. It proposes an architecture that reflects the shifting values of its constituents. If architecture reflects its people, gluttony and consumption bound them by land. A freed experience from modern capitalist agenda is a search for reparations with the land we have so long exploited. The solution is driven to constrain oneself to a space of constant flow;
The Ocean.

What follows is a story of our healing and a new treatise with water.